Statistical Thermodynamics  Phys 504 S18 

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tentative plan: see Table of Contents of (1).)

Lecture Notes (Do not make hard copies, if you wish to use the hypertext features.)

  1. (1) Hypertext lecture notes: SMHyperS12.pdf

with some introductory materials from

(2) Statistical Physics, a jogging course StatPhys2015E.pdf (7.7MB) [hypertext]

Different from the last year, I will add a lot of recent topics (e.g., typicality, fluctuation-theorem related topics, informational thermodynamics, etc.) as to basic problems of statistical thermodynamics.

Lecture slides and supplements are    (here for S17)

Example problems with solutions almost all representative qual problems may be found here.

The course will critically review various myths of statistical mechanics and hopefully discuss research topics.

Policy: 50% HW (best 8 out of ~10) Midterm (30%) Final (20%) [All the exams will be take-home]

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Introduction to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics (Part 3, May 5, 2005) NSM05III.pdf pw= NSM05III

Statistical Thermodynamics