Statistical Thermodynamics  Phys 504 S18 

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tentative plan S18TentativePlan.pdfsee Table of Contents of (1).)

The course will critically review various myths of statistical mechanics and hopefully discuss research topics.

Policy: 50% HW (best 8 out of ~10) Midterm (30%) Final (20%) [All the exams will be take-home]

Different from 2017, I will add a lot of recent topics (e.g., typicality, fluctuation-theorem related topics, informational thermodynamics, etc.) as to basic problems of statistical thermodynamics, emphasizing even equilibrium statistical mechanics is far from complete.

Lecture slides and supplements   demos links

Example problems with solutions almost all representative qual problems may be found here.

Homework (see here for 2017 homeworks, but they may be too elementary)

homework 1  HW18-1.pdf  [source file HW18-1.tex ] (due Feb 7)   soln  HW18-1Soln.pdf  source HW18-1Soln.tex

homework 2  HW18-2.pdf [source file HW18-2.tex] (due Feb 14) P 114 12851.pdf   soln HW18-2Soln.pdf source HW18-2Soln.tex

homework 3 HW18-3.pdf [source HW18-3.tex] (due Feb 21) soln HW18-3Soln.pdf

homework 4 HW18-4.pdf [source  HW18-4.tex] (due Feb 28) soln HW18-4Soln.pdf

homework 5 HW18-5.pdf [source  HW18-5.tex, Dipole.eps] (due March 7) soln  HW18-5soln.pdf  

homework 6 HW18-6.pdf [source  HW18-6.tex Stupid.eps] (due March 14) soln  HW18-6Soln.pdf

homework 7 HW18-7Revised.pdf  [source  HW18-7Revised.tex  CircleF.eps] (due April 6) soln HW18-7Soln.pdf

Fourier was born 250 years ago (Mar 21, 1768). See Nature 555 p413

Midterm Midterm.pdf due on April 17. soln MidtermSoln.pdf

homework 8 HW18-8.pdf [source  HW18-8.tex] (due April 11) soln HW18-8Soln.pdf

homework 9 HW18-9 .pdf [source  HW18-9 .tex ] (due April 18) soln HW18-9Soln.pdf 

homework 10  HW18-10.pdf [source  HW18-10.tex ] (due April 25) soln xxx.  This is to study the XY model in 2-space.

Final Final2018.pdf due on May 5.

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I have received several inquiries about auditing this course.

You are free to join us without my permission.  However, I must say that you can learn stat physics by yourself (just I did long ago).

Topics in the following notes will be covered, but informal lecture notes for 2018 will be posted 

Lecture Notes (Do not make hard copies, if you wish to use the hypertext features.)

  1. (1) Hypertext lecture notes: SMHyperS12.pdf

with some introductory materials from

  1. (2)Statistical Physics, a jogging course  StatPhys2015E.pdf (7.7MB) [hypertext]

  2. (3)I will also use some materials from Perspectives but never buy it.

Informal Notes on Renormalization and Phase Transitions (Dec 31, 2008) IRG.pdf       pwd = IRG

Introduction to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics (Part 1+2, Apr28, 2005) NSM05I+II.pdf pw = NSM05I+II

Introduction to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics (Part 3, May 5, 2005) NSM05III.pdf pw= NSM05III

Statistical Thermodynamics