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1/6 2018

Phys 504 Tentative plan posted.

12/10 2017

Perspectives on Statistical Thermodynamics help page uploaded at least partially.


Phys 504 page: statistical thermodynamics will post lecture slides.

1/23, 2017

Watch page: this will accumulate recent facts we should not forget.

12/8  Phys 504 2017 Spring page updated with two main downloadable notes; one of the is a just submitted book manuscript.

7/25  Phys 102 2016 Fall page updated

The booklet for Discussion Sections is downloadable from here.  You need not buy a hard copy to attend the course.

7/25  2015 Jan version Stat Mech Jogging course posted again.

7/13 「非線形な世界」第2刷 での修正箇所一覧掲示.ここ

Cambridgeから出版予定のConcepts in Statistical Mechanics (ジョギングコースの拡張版)原稿はほぼできているのでコメントしてやろうという方には公開する.yoono@illinois.eduまで. 統計物理ジョギングコース 改訂版については英語版がほぼ終わった後でその和訳を掲示する予定.

3/23 統計物理ジョギングコース 改訂 第21講を除き全部掲示. 確定した版ではないが, 通読可能. ただし問題とその回答はこれから多分大幅に増やす. 第21講は情報理論的熱力学概説, 鋭意構築中.

3/10 第7講(平均自由行程)掲示 拡散について大幅に初等的説明追加

3/4  第5,6講掲示

3/2 第3,4講掲示.ただし,節末の問題は未完.

2016 3/2 統計物理ジョギングコース 改訂第1, 2講, 英語版Concepts in Statistical Mechanics (Cambridge UP to appear in 2017?)のためにまず日本語版をできるだけ3月中に終わらせる.Cambridgeとの交渉により日本語版はいかなる形であれその版権は及ばないこと,及び講義用にホームページに掲示してある英語版(one semester用のlecture notes)はそのまま掲示し続けて良いことも確認済み.

8/20 統計物理ジョギングコース第1版 4節まで改訂.今後半年のうちに大改訂する.そのまずはじめの部分.

8/20 The pdf file names of Applicable Math place in Drop Box :

are made user-friendly (the contents may be read off form the titles).

8/19 The revised Discussion Manual for Phys 102 is posted.

6/18 証言 IV 201-300. 301-開始.

統計物理ジョギングコースの英語版はCambridge UPから来年出版予定だが,英語版の最終版を作る前に日本語第一版を夏の間に完了掲載する.英語版はそのうち掲示をやめるが日本語版を出版する予定はないし,日本語版についてはCambridgeは何の権利も主張しないと明言しているので今後も完成した版の掲示を続ける.

1/16  Applicable Math, INH, Intro Biology and other big files will be moved somewhere else.

1/13  統計物理ジョギングコース第0.9版  改訂終了 今回は小さな訂正以外多少の簡略化以外変更なし

1/4  統計物理ジョギングコース第0.9版  改訂16講まで.

2015 1/1  INH Dec 31, 2014 version (3716 pp, 0.6 GB); it is still extensively being expanded to incorporate 2014 news.

12/8 証言4250-4276追加.

12/8  Statistical Physics a jogging course (the main version, not the simplified) is updated up to Lecture 27.  

12/4  Statistical Physics a jogging course (the main version, not the simplified) is updated up to Lecture 24.  The simple version used for Phys 427 will soon be discarded.

11/27  Statistical Physics a jogging course (the main version, not the simplified) is updated upt to Lecture 7.

INH Nov 24 version posted (3612 pages, adding about 200 page 2013 notes and reorganized gene regulation chapters and the chapter on symbiosis.

9/28 統計物理ジョギングコース第0.6版 この版ではデルタ関数の説明を強化し大偏差理論に基づいたLangevin方程式の説明を前に出すのをやめ,揺動散逸関係の説明を簡略化した.

8/26 Phys 427 course homepage has been updated.

6/28 Statistical Physics, a jogging course slightly corrected with the help of Dr. N Takeuchi of U Tokyo.

4/24 For Fall 2014 Phys 427 course homepage has been updated.

4/24 New hypertext version of INH has been posted, but its viewing will be severely limited to the qualified.  All the draft chapters have been removed. 

4/13  INH Chapters 7 and 15 are updated (the passwords are not changed).

3/20 INH Chapter 9 hypertext version (no change of the text)

3/16 証 3205-3263 追加

3/6 INH Chapter 15 History Before Life (= mainly about the origin of life tentative version) posted.

3/1 Chapter 8 hypertext version posted (corresponding to the previous Chapter 7 but totally reorganized)

2/8  INH has a completely new chapter (draft) devoted to classic biochemistry (mainly for prokaryotes) Chapter 7 about 180 pages.


Chapters 1 and 2 of new Integrative Natural History (hypertext version) are posted (passworded due to the copy right issue).


統計物理ジョギングコース第0.58版 掲示. 当分たいして変化しないはず.

Statistical Physics, a jogging course ver 0.6 posted. This will probably the last version without additional material for not so prepared US undergrads. 


統計物理ジョギングコース第0.55版 掲示. 講義末の問題解答などもチェック.

Statistical Physics, a jogging course ver 0.32 posted.


Statistical Physics, a jogging course ver 0.31 posted.  This is a cleaned version by checking a hard copy.  Problems will be added soon.

(A Japanese version corresponding to this is also posted with the same version number.)


Statistical Physics, a jogging course ver 0.3 posted.  This is a version incorporating all the corrections and augmentations added to the Japanese version.


The last version of Integrative Natural History before extensive editing is now available.


統計物理ジョギングコース第0.5版. アホなミスと文字変換ミスを退治. 前半には説明などを増やしたが後半はほとんど変わっていない. 多大な文句が出ないかぎりしばらくこの版を定常にする. これから対応した英語版をこの程度に仕上げる予定.


統計物理ジョギングコース第0版第22講まで改訂. エントロピーの存在の説明の所の絶対温度の同定を完結させるためCarnotのもとの議論による効率の計算の説明を追加.


統計物理ジョギングコース第0版第6講まで改訂. 輸送現象の説明を少し親切にしたつもり. 第2講の付録, 組み合わせ論の初等的まとめ, 追加.




統計物理ジョギングコース第0版 掲示


INH July 12, 2013 version 2593 pages.  Added entries are in INHNewItems2013July11.pdf


Carlo Cercignani: Ludwig Boltzmann, the man who trusted atoms (Oxford 1998) excerpt posted


INH May 27, 2013 version 2561 pages.  Added entries are in INHNewItems2013May27.pdf


Physics 427 Lecture notes (complete version) posted.

Integrative Natural History April 22 version (2514 pages about 114.5 MB)


統計物理ジョギングコース1-11講を整理してまとめたものを公開. 原子論の始まりから統計力学の導出まで


Phys 427 Lectures up to 22 + some draft portions 23-28 posted  to indicate the plan in more detail.


INH March 8 version 2467pp (110MB).


統計物理ジョギングコース 第11講掲載 (統計力学入門; Boltzmannの原理)


Phys 427 Lecture 12  Canonical formalism (Appendix: derivation of principle of equal probability).

Also Lect 1-12 combined version is also posted.


Phys 427 Lecture 11 Introduction to statistical mechanics (fairly complete).


Phys 427 Lecture 10 fairly cleaned.

統計物理ジョギングコース 第10講掲載 (熱力学: 自由エネルギー)


Phys 427 Lecture 9 fairly cleaned.

統計物理ジョギングコース 第9講掲載 (熱力学: 一般的結果と簡単な練習)


Phys 427 Lecture 8 fairly cleaned.

統計物理ジョギングコース 第8講掲載 (熱力学: 基本原理)


Phys 427 Lecture 7 cleaned.

統計物理ジョギングコース 第7講掲載 (揺動散逸関係; 巨視系の特徴)

Phys427 Lecture 6 cleaned.

統計物理ジョギングコース 第6講掲載 (Brown運動)   第5講は平均自由行程と輸送現象


Phys427 Lecture 4 posted

統計物理ジョギングコース 第4講掲載(Maxwell分布) 連載開始のところに述べたように,直観的な説明をできるだけ与えるが、それと同時に題材にふさわしい数学は(その解説をしながらではあるが)容赦なく使う.


Phys 427 Lecture 3 and HW 1 posted.


統計物理ジョギングコース 第3講掲載(大数の法則: 確率入門つづき).

2012 flower photos: fall flowers added

1/16, 2013

P427 Lecture1 and 2 updated (Appendix 2a Combinatorics added).

1/16 2013

Garden flowers photos for 2012 completed

1/13 2013

統計物理ジョギングコース 第2講掲載(気体の原子論と確率入門I)  INH Jan 14 version (2393 pages).

1/9 2013

Phys 427 Lecture 1 updated and posted xxx.

1/5, 2013

統計物理ジョギングコース 連載開始.


12/3  P427 Lecture Notes up to Lect 26 are combined into one PDF

12/2, 2012

The Nonlinear World has been published.  e-book may be available from

11/18, 2012

Phys 427 Invitation to Statistical Physics Chapter 5 has been greatly expanded to discuss phase transitions in more detail than planned.

11/4, 2012

Several new entries are added to Supplements to ``The Nonlinear World’’ (Springer) whose electronic version will appear within a week or so.

10/27 2012

Dedication to the memory of Bob Clegg (1945-2012) is added to P507 TEXTBOOK.

10/26  2012

Phys 427 Lecture notes for Lectures 1-17 are posted as a single piece.

9/8, 2012

Integrative Natural History updated (2267 pages)

8/21, 2012

P427 Tentative plan has been updated.

8/11, 2012

Invitation to Statistical Physics (P427 lecture notes) is cleaned up to Chapter 4 (but non-eq topics have not been added yet).

7/28, 2012

Supplementary Pages for “The Nonlinear World --- conceptual analysis and phenomenology” (Synergetics Series, Springer 2012) has been posted.  See here.


A tentative version of Phys 427 lecture notes is posted.   xxx 

The notes still contains many topics not suitable at the undergraduate level, but still advanced students should be able to enjoy them.  The note has some historical account of thermodynamics following Yamamoto’s opus magnum (but it is too brief to do justice to the original).


山本義隆「熱学思想の史的展開 熱とエトロピー I-III」(ちくま学芸文庫 2008-9,原書1986の改稿決定版) 山本熱学史(YTH).pdf (password = YTH) タイポを直した版.Phys427の一部に英語で要約を書く予定.


Phys 427 tentative plan posted xxx


INH June 13 version 2216 pages (96.3 MB) (passworded).


志村五郎「数学の好きな人 のために」(ちくま学芸文庫 2012) 抜き書き追加 xxx


Equilibrium statistical mechanics Lecture Noted (ver May 7) is posted (password given)   Go to MathPhys Tutorial page.


The Nonlinear World (Springer camera-ready PDF) passworded   NonE0Sp.pdf


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (2/26); Chapters1 and 2 (text) are pretty close to the final form. see download page


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (2/17); Chapter 1 (text) is pretty close to the final form. see download page


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (Jan 31); Chapter 1-3 problem solutions are now hyper-referenced.  see download page


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (Jan 27); Chapter 1 problem solutions are now hyper-referenced.  see download page


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (Jan 23); The solutions are now attached to the end of the book.   see download page


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (Jan 21); all the problem. sets have been expanded; their solutions are posted in the Supplementary Pages.   see download page


Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (Jan 19); mainly the problem sets have been enlarged up to Chapter 4.

Solutions for Chapter 3 and 4 problems posted.

1/17, 2012

Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics hypertext  version (Jan 16)

Solutions for Chapter 1 and 2 problems posted.